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"Best things is life are always Custom Made" Our Products, Services are custom desgined to serve the global need in transportation.

About Us

Incorporated in 2016 and launched in 2017, in the UAE, Selfdrive is the largest Dealer Authorized Car Subscription Platform and has been awarded as the ‘Best Innovation in Smart Mobility Technology’. With its strong determination and edge over competition, it has managed to grab a large share in the retail &corporate sector in UAE. We believe in delighting our customers with a seamless experience and added benefits along with the rental subscriptions.

Focusing on innovative, futuristic and smart mobility transport solutions has always been our aim, that allows customers to rent cars on-demand for Short-term and Long-term lease. Being an all technology driven Asset Lite E-Commerce Platform that allows customers to rent cars directly from dealers with spot confirmations, making sure flexibility and comfort is met to its maximum potential is our primary goal.

Having onboarded more than 50+ dealerships across UAE & Oman, Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait creating additional revenue via renting, subscription and leasing direct from dealerships.

Along with serving over 75,000+ customers, from 95+ different nationalities with 65 different car models from 20 brands and access to 100+ delivery locations, Selfdrive.ae currently manages over USD 500 million worth of assets on its platform and plans to reach USD 1500 million by Q4 2022.