Are You Going To Rent A Car In Bahrain? Know This Driving Rules First


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Did you just land in Bahrain? Are you an expat? Even if you are local, traffic rules and regulations are the same and applicable to all. The penalty for breaking the law in Bahrain is severe. The rigidly enforced rules lead to a safe and smooth drive in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The roads of Bahrain are well structured and maintained to ensure no accidents occur. The signs on the road are written both in English and Arabic. Ensure you follow these rules and signs rigidly and protect yourself from danger and penalties.

Structure Of Driving In Bahrain.

Like 65% of the world, Bahrain also follows the right-side driving system. The left side or right side system doesn't matter; the fundamental rules and regulations are the same all over the world.

To have a safe and penalty-free drive in Bahrain, just follow the rules framed by the Bahrain government. To be able to drive any vehicle in Bahrain, one should be over 18 years old. In the case of renting, the age should be 21 or above. For some specific or premium cars, one must be 25 years old.

Basic Pre-Driving Rules.

Actions to do before starting to drive are, carrying the driver's license at all times when you drive your rental car. Wearing a seat belt is mandatory for both the driver and the front-seat passenger. However, for a harmless and seamless journey, it is advised for even back seat passengers to buckle up their seat belts.

Children below the age of 10 are advised to be seated in the back seat. Lastly, make sure to place your phone on a mobile holder for hands-free usage of mobile phones during driving.

The Driving Rules

Penalties are not for all violations of rules and regulations. Some rules are made solely for the safety purpose of the drivers and passengers like drinking, eating and smoking are prohibited while driving.

But, the penalty is applicable for overspeeding in urban speed limit is 80-100 km/hr in rural, it is a 60 km/hr drive within the speed limit. If your blood contains 0.01% alcohol, make use of a cab or ask your friend to drop you off. As there is 0% tolerance for drinking and driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol can cost you a fine of BHD 500 - 1000 plus a jail sentence for a month up to 12 months.

Not buckling up the seat belt can lead to penalties, reckless driving, causing damage to a traffic sign, and driving without lights will also cost the same amount of fines. All these will lead to penalties and in some cases imprisonment as well.

Beware Of The Penalties

The penalties are differentiated into multiple types like traffic violations like not wearing a seat belt or helmet, driving fast in residential areas or racing, and causing damage to the properties. All these violations can cost BHD a 20-100 per penalty

Severe traffic violations will cost BHD 50-500 Penalty, in some cases, it can also lead to imprisonment of up to 6 months in jail. Driving an unlicensed vehicle, using a handheld phone while driving, driving without a driving license, blocking roads. Beware of these rules when you are driving in Bahrain.

Traffic signal violations like jumping a red light, causing injury when jumping a red light or causing a fatal accident can charge you up to BHD 100 to 3000 or even up to 3 years of jail. Speeding violations, speeding up to 30% of the limit will be charged up to BHD 250 or 1-3 months jail. Whereas, above 30% will be charged up to BHD 500 or 1-6 months of jail. Injuring a person or any kind of damage while overspeeding BHD 1000 will be charged or up to 3 years in jail.

Substance violation, driving under the influence of any form of drugs or alcohol should pay up to BHD 2000 or up to 2 years of Jail.

Bottom Line

If you land up in an unfortunate situation take necessary actions and wait for Bahrain police to reach the spot. No matter how small the accident is, always report it to the Bahrain traffic police. Rent a car from Selfdrive and get all-inclusive car insurance to claim any type of misfortune if you aren't at fault and a car replacement to make your journey unstoppable. Download the Selfdrive app or visit to rent a car today.

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