Frequently Ask Questions

How to rent a Car on Selfdrive ?

  • How can I make a reservation on ?

    • Select the Pick Up Date & Time and Return Date &Time and Search You will be able to see the list of cars available with the rates. (You can also filter the car search with Hatchback/ Sedan/MUV/SUV and Luxury)
    • Click on Pay Now
    • Select the Pick Up Location and Return Location (Rental Hub/ Door Step/ Airport)
    • You can select the Additional Services (Optional) Super CDW, Additional Driver, Pre Paid Salik, Road Side Assistance and Personal Accident Insurance.
    • Check the Total Rental Amount.
    • Next you will have to provide the Renter’s details in the Billing Information. (Please select i am booking it for myself if the renter is the credit card holder or else select i am booking on behalf of someone if the credit card holder is not the renter.)
    • Go through the Terms and Conditions thoroughly and click on Accept and continue.
    • Put in the card details to process the payment for the rentals.
    • Once the payment is processed you will receive a confirmation and a Booking ID.
    • If you have any queries or need assistance in booking online you can call us at +968 24172959.
  • What is Express Booking?

    Select Express booking for daily or weekly rentals.

  • What is Micro Lease Booking?

    You can Lease cars on Demand under Micro Lease - Rent a car for 30 days to 24 Months and pay in easy monthly installments.

  • What is One Way Rentals?

    You can select One Way Rental if you wish to pick up the car from one Emirates and return the car in the different Emirates. * Pick up from Dubai and Return in Abu Dhabi.

  • What are the payment options to rent a car with Selfdrive?

    The rental amount can be paid by Debit / Credit Card (Master/ Visa Cards).

    Please note: Security deposits are accepted by Debit Cards on limited cars.

  • Can I use my Family or Friend’s credit card for the rental payment?

    Yes, you can use your Family or Friend’s credit card for the rental payment. While booking online, please select I am booking on behalf of someone. You will have to mention the details of the credit card holder and the renter in this case. Card holder needs to be present at the time of collecting the car.

  • Can I use my Family or Friend’s credit card for the security deposit?

    Yes, you can use your Family or Friend’s credit card to block/ charge security deposit. However both the renter and the credit card holder should be present at the time of the delivery to sign the renter’s agreement. Card holder needs to be present at the time of collecting the car.

  • What would be the Security Deposit?

    Depending on the type of the car model you have rented.

    Small range car : Between BHD 150 to BHD 200/-

    Medium range car : Between BHD 200 to BHD 350/-

    SUV’s and Luxury car: Between BHD 350 to 500/-

  • When would the security deposit get refunded?

    The security deposit is blocked/ charged for future fines. The amount will be released/ refunded within 30 working days after the return of the car.

    Please Note – Banks may not send you sms confirming the credit of the amount you are requested to check with your card statement or call the bank call centre.

  • What documents are required to rent a car?

    The below documents are required :

    Sr. No Residence Visa Visit / Tourist Visa
    1 Passport and Visa Page Copy Passport and Visa Page Copy
    2 Bahrain National ID – Both side copy For No Visa Required – Entry Stamp / Bahrain Gate pass
    3 Bahrain Driving License – 06 months old and above Home Country Driver’s License (02 year old) & International Driver’s Permit.


  • Can I use my home country driving license to rent a car in Bahrain?

    A valid Bahrain driving license is mandatory if the renter is on Bahrain residence visa. GCC Nationals can use their home country driving license. Certain nationality’s home country driving license is accepted if they are on Visa/ Tourist Visa.

  • How to send the required documents?

    Please find below the options to send the documents :

    • Please keep the Mandatory Documents readily available at the time of Pick Up at the counter or at the time of Delivery of the car, in case Delivery option is chosen.
    • Email : You can email the documents at
    • In case of any queries kindly contact to +968 24172959
  • What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car?

    Minimum of 23 years.( Min Age may be different for High-end Premium Car Models)

  • What are the things I need to check while taking the car?

    Please refer to the following details :

    • Take photos of all the sides of the car.
    • Mention any scratch or dent you notice.
    • Check the fuel gauge and take a picture for future reference.
    • Please check if you have received the car’s registration copy.
    • Please go through the renter’s agreement properly before signing.
  • What if I need to pre pone or post pone my booking?

    You can email us at mentioning your booking ID and your requested pick up date of the car. Our team will check the availability and will respond to you.

  • How do I extend my booking?

    You have easy option if you wish to extend your booking :

    • Phone – Just Call us at +968 24172959. The customer service team will assist you in extending your booking.
  • What happens if I return the car late?

    Selfdrive provides maximum of 2 hours grace period to return the car. 1 day’s rental charge will be applicable on any further delay

  • Will I get a refund if I return the car early?

    Refund is not applicable in case of an early return.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Please find below the details :

    • 10% of the total invoice cost is applicable if the booking is cancelled before the delivery.
    • No refund is applicable if the renter intends to cancel the booking once the delivery is done.
    • 10% of the total invoice cost is applicable if the booking is cancelled by selfdrive due to Non compliance of proper documents.
  • What is the policy of the fuel?

    The vehicle should be returned on the same fuel level as given at the start time of the rental.

  • What is the mileage restriction for daily/ weekly and monthly car rentals?

    Please find below the details :

    • Daily Rentals : 250 KM per day. (Limited cars have unlimited KM offer)
    • Weekly Rentals : 235 KM per day. (Limited cars have unlimited KM offer)
    • Monthly Rentals : 3000 KM to 5000 KM per month depending on the type of the car booked.
  • What has to be done when the car is due for servicing?

    Please contact us at +968 24172959 to book an appointment for the car servicing.

  • What is SCDW (Full Insurance)?

    All Self Drive cars are covered with basic comprehensive insurance. An Insurance excess amount is applicable (depending upon the type of the car rented) in case of any unknown damage or if the renter is at fault. The renter can opt for Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) by paying additional charge to avoid paying Insurance Excess in an event of any known or unknown damage.

    Please be informed, the renter’s Bahrain driving license should be of minimum 6 months old to avail SCDW. Also, it is the duty of the renter to arrange a police report in an event of accident/damage.

    Please Note : SCDW should be added to your rentals agreement in advance and before the start of the rentals and cannot be amended in between the rental duration or for extension.

  • Can we have an additional driver and do we have to pay anything extra?

    One additional driver can be added and is allowed per booking with an additional charge depending upon daily, weekly and monthly booking.

  • Do you deliver and collect the car from our location?

    Yes, we can provide door step delivery and collection. Additional charge is applicable between BHD 10/- to BHD 25/- depending on the location.

  • Can I take the car to UAE ?

    Self Drive vehicles are not permitted to be driven outside Bahrain. However there is an exception with regards to UAE travel subject to a prior written approval. The granting of this consent is our discretion. There will be additional charges for the Insurance based on the type of the car and duration.

  • What should I do in case of an accident?

    In an unfortunate event of an accident or damage to the car kindly contact the police and arrange for the police report. It is the responsibility of the renter to obtain the police report. Failing to provide the same, the renter will be responsible for the entire cost for the damage incurred.

  • Can I take Self Drive cars for Off Road Adventures / Events?

    Our vehicles are not permitted to be used for Safari/ Fun drive/ Race/ Off Roading or Advertising. The hirer will be held liable to pay all the damages, necessary repairs and towing charges if they fail to adhere with the same.

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