Launching “Selfdrive – Car Rentals” Super App In Bahrain.


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The Kingdom of Bahrain being the hotspot for expats for more than a decade is still a developing country. Though the government has approved the Bahrain metro project in November 2021. The current existing modes of public transportation are buses and taxis.

The bus route doesn't cover all the parts of Bahrain and also comes with scheduled timings. Though there are 5 private companies running taxis in Bahrain, many people complain that they need to wait at least 30 mins to get a taxi. In addition, taxis fall on the expensive side for the living souls in the country.

People in Bahrain feel tiring to travel in buses due to its humid weather conditions and the time taken. Choosing to rent a car from when you are in Bahrain is a wise action. Even the fear of Covid-19 made people avoid public transport. This increased the use of the rental car as it includes all the facilities a traveler needs. From being budget-friendly, and hygienic to getting 24/7 assistance when in need. So, people living here and tourists prefer renting a car over traveling in buses and taxis due to the ease of renting a car.

In Bahrain, you need to possess a Central Population Registration (CPR) card to own a car. This makes it difficult for non-residents to own a car in Bahrain. Plus owning a car will burden you with a hefty amount of down payment, monthly EMIs, services, maintenance and annual depreciation. Avoid this stress of extra expenses that you get when you own a car. This is when Selfdrive steps in and makes it easy for customers to provide a car with benefits such as low rates, inclusive of insurance, maintenance, servicing and much more. Experience the fun of owning a brand new car without actually owning it.

Selfdrive at its Best.

Selfdrive, UAE's largest car rental tech platform has launched in Bahrain. Currently, Selfdrive customers in the region have access to over 5000 vehicles available for rentals starting from 1 Day to 36 Months delivered to their doorstep. offers various rental duration categories such as Daily / Weekly(Express Booking), Monthly(Micro Lease), Yearly (Lease pro) (soon to be launched) and car pick up directly from the airport (Airport rental). gives convenient options for our customers to flexibly rent a car. The process of booking a rental car from Selfdrive is effortless and quick, our customers can book a car through our website (, App (Selfdrive - Car Rental), Mobile website (, email ( and WhatsApp (+973 1616 7293)

Benefits of Renting a Car from in Bahrain.

  • Exciting Launch Offers on Daily | Weekly | Monthly rentals
  • No security deposit is needed for daily / weekly booking.
  • Hassle-free and seamless procedure.
  • Access to a brand new car without any liabilities of down payments or loans
  • Budget-friendly brand new rental cars.
  • Delivery within 3 hours of the post-booking process
  • Switch to any car model whenever you desire.
  • Safe drive, basic insurance covered.
  • No worries about service, maintenance, insurance and annual depreciation
  • Owning the experience, not the car.

Simple Steps to Rent a Car from makes the process of booking a car effortless for our customers. All our customers need to do is download our app or visit our website
Booking with SelfDrive is a simple 3 step process:
Select the duration of rental > Choose the car and pick up location > Pay at your Service

We delightfully serve our customers in the entire process from booking the car to returning it. Our customer's convenience and satisfaction are of utmost top priority to us. To make the customer journey more valuable and hassle free, happily offers different types of services for our customers during the car rental duration.

  • Door-step pick-up and return services with additional charges based on location
  • Pick up and return the rented car to different locations
  • Add an additional driver with additional charges.
  • Extra mileage can be added with additional charges
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for the driver with additional charges.
  • Service, Repair and Maintenance round the clock available.
  • Replacement of vehicle with a temporary car during the service period
  • Replacement of vehicle in case of damage or repair
  • 24/7 roadside assistance in an emergency with the replacement of a car.

Brands You Find at

Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Chevrolet and more.

Pay and Reserve.

For payments, we have credit/debit card options. There are no hidden charges, no cancellation fees or any extra fees charged. Our car rental rate includes servicing, repairs, maintenance, registration, insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and free replacement of cars when needed

Best in Bahrain.

When you get all the required services in one place on your budget, what else makes you wait? Download the app Selfdrive, visit our website, visit our mobile site,, email us at or just ring us on +973 1616 7293. Book with us and be updated for exciting offers with great services.

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